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‘Lost in Translation’ is a 2-piece inspired by human conversation and the Latin alphabet. We use language to express ourselves, at the same time language shapes the way we think. These art pieces aim to form a connection between the visual aspect of art and a linguistic understanding. How do we use art to communicate our thoughts to the world and how does the audience respond, relate and recognize?


The sculptures are compromised of abstract shapes that were inspired by letters from the Latin alphabet. By using conventional symbols that are used for writing, speaking and understanding, the work allows the viewers to identify certain shapes and their spoken sound. However, each country has their own language, expressions and values, which makes this art piece interpretable in multiple ways, based on the individual’s background. The original letter shapes are therefore merged and lost in the abstract figures. 


‘Lost in Translation’ highlights the struggle of grasping some one else’s meaning and the expression of your identity. The sculptures are reflecting the artist's experience when moving to Barcelona. 

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