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Isabelle Siem, born in 1999, is a Dutch painter. It is in Amsterdam where she studies art and finds inspiration for her pieces. Her artistic repertoire extends beyond abstract paintings to include mesmerizing wooden sculptures. Her paintings captivate their vibrant colors, intricate brushstrokes, and play with light and shadow. Meanwhile, her wooden sculptures evoke a sense of organic beauty, crafted with attention to detail.

Siem’s work is neither subtle nor straightforward: it wants to imme- diately catch your eye yet it will be appreciated better when you take the time to absorb the whole painting. Those who pay attention to detail will find a second layer within every painting. Not only the colors and shapes- but also the used materials convey a feeling or message. Both collectively and individually. As a consequence, not a single one of her paintings is fully flat. The result is a dialogue between the painter and her canvas, a process during which she reflects on her contemplations of life.

Feel free to contact her for inquiries or for an appointment to acquaint yourself with her work with your own eyes.

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