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‘Carrer de Ferran’ (150 x 200 cm) is a painting inspired by the city Barcelona. Named after the street where the artist lived and studied art. The work is a tribute to the lively streets of the Barri Gòtic area of the city.

For this work, a diverse assortment of natural materials was gathered, like rope, sand, dust and paper, each holding a unique story and connection to the beach of Barcelona. These materials have been meticulously integrated into the canvas, adding depth and texture to the composition.
'City Ground' (150 x 200 cm) is part of the Barcelona series inspired by the artist's surroundings and cultural practices of her stay in Barcelona. This painting symbolizes the aspiration of freedom. During her stay in Barcelona, the artist was a keen observer of everyday life, and her daily encounters with numerous playgrounds became a wellspring of inspiration. These playgrounds, with their intriguing shapes and playful elements, provoked a profound reflection on the concept of the city itself, a vast playground, not solely reserved for children but accessible to adults as well. The city, much like a playground, offers its inhabitants an array of experiences and opportunities, and what one discovers within its boundaries is often a reflection of one's own choices and desires.

The figures are a direct manifestation of the artist's fascination with these urban play spaces. They serve as visual metaphors, weaving intricate narratives that encapsulate the journeys of individuals in their quest for freedom. These figures symbolize the people who navigate the labyrinthine streets of the city, either discovering new horizons or losing themselves amidst the myriad pathways.

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