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'Affection' (140 x 100 x 2 cm, 2023) is inspired by the profound theme of 'love' as envisioned by Empedocles. At its core, this artwork beautifully illustrates the belief that love is the force responsible for uniting the fundamental elements of the universe, resulting in harmony, unity, and the creation of stable, composite entities. It is therefore the opposite of 'strife', illustrated by the painting 'Bad Romance'.


In the heart of the canvas, there is a figure representing a sense of harmony and sensuality. The form is fluid and dynamic. The background structure is created by a mixture of acrylic paint and sand collected from Spanish beaches. The color palette is a symphony of warm and cool tones, with earthy browns and grey. These colors want to spread a feeling of serenity and transports us into the realm of the sublime. 'Affection' invites viewers to contemplate the transformative power of love as it unites the most fundamental forces of existence. The painting asks us to reflect on the role of love in our own lives, how it can bring stability to a complex world. 

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